As a trusted Brisbane manufacturer, developing your custom products efficiently and cost-effectively is essential. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of custom plastic injection moulding and how Moreton Corporation can help!

What Is Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic injection moulding is a unique custom manufacturing process that allows businesses to produce a large volume of plastic parts or products efficiently, without breaking the bank. It is common in mass-production, where the same pieces are developed over and over again.
The plastic needed to build the parts is passed through a heated barrel so that it melts, then it is injected into a metal mould cavity. At this point, the material will cool down and harden, taking the shape of the mould that was selected or built to your design.

Plastic injection moulding is used to make a vast variety of products, everything from car panels, boxes, to small product components!

Benefits of Plastic Injection Moulding

So, why should you work with a Brisbane plastic injection moulding company? The key is that it allows you to scale your manufacturing processes effectively with a local company. Quality control is very important when you are creating products for consumers.
After you invest in the initial setup of the injection moulding process which involves creating the metal die of your product the ongoing cost is simply the price per unit to manufacture. This price is much lower when compared to other manufacturing methods. Simply put, the more parts you produce, the lower the cost of manufacturing them!

This process is designed to be repeatable. This allows you to ramp up production quickly when you are developing a large volume of the same piece or scale it down if demand drops.
Another benefit of plastic injection moulding is that the scrap rates are lower compared to traditional methods like machining. Those processes require technicians to cut away substantial amounts of plastic material, leading to unnecessary waste and costs in the long term.
The plastic injection moulding process, on the other hand, is much more efficient and produces lower scrap rates as the plastic is injected into a perfect mould.

Understanding the Use Case

Although the Brisbane plastic injection moulding process can be very beneficial to many manufacturing firms, some use cases make more sense than others.
The first thing to consider is the financial aspect of preparing your product to be manufactured. Entry or start-up costs is the largest financial hurdle, so you must understand this early on. We highly recommend giving us a call or booking an appointment to discuss these costs upfront.

You should determine the number of parts you must produce to break even on the investment. The breakeven analysis should also include costs related to the design, testing, and assembly of your product – plus a conservative margin.
If possible, try to design the piece with plastic injection moulding in mind from the beginning. Try to keep the geometry of the piece simple and minimise the number of parts required to get the most out of this process.
Remember that products requiring extensive customisation or complex machining may not be the right fit for the plastic injection moulding process.

Trust Moreton Corporation for all of Your Manufacturing Needs

If your company can use the plastic injection moulding process to develop your products, trust Moreton Corporation to help you get the job done.
We have over 20 years of experience with Brisbane plastic injection moulding, and our service, excellence, professionalism, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We believe in building sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners, so we can work towards the same goals.

Our expert staff will work alongside your business to guide you through the entire process – from the idea stage to design, testing, and manufacturing. We will even assist with assembly, packaging, and dispatch!

For your business to meet demand and grow, you must have a seamless product development process – Moreton Corporation is here to ensure that everything runs smoothly.