At Moreton Corporation we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint as much as possible. We melt down and re-granulise all our scrap plastic, turning scraps into new products.



We offer customers an option of manufacturing products using recycled plastic bottle caps. Using recycled plastics benefits your business by reducing the environmental footprint, reducing landfill, reducing the need for new plastic polymer creation; and ensures your business is participating in and supporting the resource recovery industry and circular economy.

Recent years have seen a significant shift in consumers’ purchasing preferences towards more environmentally friendly spending decisions. Hence manufacturing your products using recycled plastics will put you in good stead into the future and set you apart from your competitors.

Moreton Corporation have partnered with Ocean Crusaders who in turn have teamed up with Container Exchange (COEX) in the South East Queensland region to deliver the ‘CAPS Crusade’ plastic recycling initiative. COEX are receiving up to 300,000 plastic bottle caps a day ready for recycling and repurposing into new plastic products.

Moreton Corporation have performed CAPS Crusade recycled plastic R&D (research and development) over the past year. We have run a range of recycled plastic bottle caps manufacturing trials and have sent products off for plastic specification testing and quality assurance checks. We are happy to report that the products manufactured using the CAPS Crusade recycled plastic bottle caps have performed well on testing [Becky to insert any further details].

The recycled plastic bottle caps arrive at Moreton Corporation having been fully sorted, washed, ground into small granules, washed again, dried and heated to eliminate any contaminants. The granules are then ready for use in our injection moulding machines just like all other new plastic polymers we use.

If you are interested in using recycled plastics to manufacture your product then please contact us to arrange a free confidential consultation discussion about your specific product details. We will be able to advise you if recycled plastic is suitable for your product specifications.