If you manufacture your products using the plastic injection moulding process, you may be wondering whether you can use recycled plastics instead. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using recycled plastics and why Brisbane based Moreton Corporation is the recycled plastic injection-moulding specialist.

What Constitutes Recycled Plastic?
Recycled plastics refer to plastic materials that are repurposed. It can come from other plastic products or waste that results from the plastic injection moulding process. These recycled materials can be of any type or colour, and when you use them to manufacture products via injection moulding, there is no loss in quality.

Some examples of plastics that can be recycled include Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), polypropylene, and polyethylene.

The process involves melting down plastics and pressing them into specialized moulds that are shaped like your product. Once the plastic has cooled down, the casting is removed, and you are left with your final product.

Recycled plastic injection moulding allows you to mass-produce products with an efficient system that minimises scrap losses, eliminates the need for product finishing after completion, and allows you to use a wide variety of materials.

It doesn’t matter if you need parts that require tensile strength or flexibility – working with a Brisbane based plastic injection moulding company like Moreton Corporation that specialises in recycled plastics can help you get the job done right.

Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic
There are many benefits to using recycled plastic in the injection moulding process, with the most prominent being the reduced environmental impact. Reusing plastic minimises your company’s overall greenhouse gas emissions and is part of running an environmentally responsible organisation.

Similarly, when we recycle plastic during the manufacturing process, we are also eliminating a lot of the waste that ends up in landfill and our oceans. By recycling plastics we can reduce pollution to both the ground and air.

Statistics suggest consumers in today’s market prefer to shop with brands that are environmentally conscious and who make an effort to recycle their plastics and reduce their waste.

Another benefit to using recycled plastics for injection moulding is that it could save you a significant amount of money in the long run. The cost of quality recycled plastic is about 10% to 15% lower than traditional materials, and it also requires less energy to melt down and mould.

In other words, using recycled plastics can help you control your material expenses as well as the cost of energy required to run your injection moulding process. Incorporating a recycling aspect to your manufacturing process allows you to create a closed-loop, where old parts are recycled and create the materials you need for your new plastic components.

Challenges to Using Recycled Plastics
Although recycling plastic is a great way to save money and help the environment, there are some challenges to using it in manufacturing.

The main issue involves the need to recycle at the machine and with rejected parts or purges. A plastics company will use many different additives during its manufacturing process, so it can be difficult to create an efficient process for capturing plastic that can be recycled.

New technology has made solving these challenges easier, and tools like slow-speed granulators are ideal for reintroducing recycled plastic into the injection moulding process.

Why You Should Work with Moreton Corporation
As you can see, it’s essential to work with an experienced recycled plastics injection moulding company that can help you incorporate recycling into your processes.

Moreton Corporation, are a Brisbane based plastic injection moulding company that prides itself on helping organisations minimize their environmental footprints by offering options for recycling and other sustainable injection moulding practices.

We have over 20 years of experience in our industry and our experts will do everything they can to help your brand turn recycled plastics into new products.

Contact us today to start using recycled plastics in your manufacturing process!