If you are looking for a custom plastic injection moulding company that is experienced, affordable, reliable, helpful and friendly, then Moreton Corporation is the perfect choice!
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Moreton Corporation – Custom Plastic Injection Moulding

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Moreton Corporation – Custom Plastic Injection Moulding

If you need plastic injection moulded products, Moreton Corporation is a perfect choice. For small or large runs, Moreton Corporation Plastics provides low-overhead custom injection moulding services. Located in Brisbane Australia, our injection moulding components are distributed throughout Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Most plastic injection moulders find PVC difficult to mould. Moreton Corporation specialises in PVC injection moulding, with more than 10 years experience in moulding plumbing and stormwater fittings in PVC. We manufacture plastic components using PVC, Polypropylene PP, ABS, HDPE, SAN and all types of plastic.

We specialise in bringing our customers’ new product ideas to commercial production, primarily due to our low cost structure, and open sharing of knowledge which encourages people to “give their idea a try”.

With more than 10 years experience in plastics manufacturing, we help you create a product that is easy to manufacture and distribute.

Our priority is to become a transparent part of your supply chain by providing warehousing and distribution as well as manufacturing.