There are many ways you can choose to manufacture your products, including plastic injection moulding. This guide will review the top 5 reasons you should work with a Brisbane plastic injection moulding company!

1. Boost Production Efficiency
Without question, one of the main benefits of choosing plastic injection moulding is that it allows you to boost production efficiency. This fact has allowed it to become one of the most common forms of moulding because it’s much faster and more effective compared to traditional methods.

Not only are there shorter periods between cycles, but you can also produce more moulds in a limited amount of time. As a result, you can access a high production output rate that leads to reduced costs and a more efficient process.
Although the production speed will depend on the size and complexity of the mould that is used, it will still be more efficient than other options. Once the process is designed and set up, you could run your production for hours on end – allowing you to meet high seasonal demand and grow your business.

2. Reduce Overhead Costs
Partnering with a Brisbane plastic injection moulding company to build your parts will also reduce your overhead costs. The majority of the process is automated once the moulds have been designed, which will significantly reduce manufacturing overheads.
There is no need to worry, though – just because you are saving money doesn’t mean that the process is not precise or effective. On the contrary – CAD, computer-aided design, is a vital aspect of the plastic injection moulding process that helps boost accuracy while also saving you money.
By choosing a local company means you save on overseas shipping and freight costs meaning that it’s easier and more cost-effective to get that idea from your head to your hand.

3. No Additional Processing is Needed
Another benefit of choosing a Brisbane plastic injection moulding partner is that no additional processing is needed.

Other manufacturing processes may require additional finishing or casting after the moulding process has been completed, but that is not the case here. Your product will look just as you dreamed as soon as the injection moulding process is finished!

This is one of the reasons that the health care industry relies on plastic injection moulding for medical devices. This process allows manufacturers to develop them safely and precisely, and the products that result are lightweight and versatile.

4. The Process Provides Flexibility
If you’re looking for a manufacturing process that provides flexibility in terms of colours and materials, look no further than Moreton Corporation. When developing plastic products, you have to select the materials and colours, but the possibilities are endless for these options.
It’s also important for your success to work with someone that has experience in selecting the right resin, and plastic materials to start with. This choice can impact the strength, elasticity, water absorption, and heat deflection of the parts produced.
Since liquid colour or pre-coloured resins are popular, many companies produce children’s toys using the plastic injection moulding process…Because it’s safe!

5. Minimise Material Waste
Choosing to manufacture your products through the plastic injection moulding process can also help you minimise material waste. Wasted materials are equivalent to wasted dollars, so you must maximise production using the plastic that you have available.
Custom Injection moulding is precise and produces almost no waste. Even the excess can be recycled back through the machine to create additional components!

Not only is the plastic injection moulding process sustainable for your business, but it is also more sustainable for the environment. It only uses the exact amount of materials that are required for production and allows you to work towards any green initiatives your business may have.