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Guiding you through new product development 

Moreton Corporation helps your plastic injection moulding project become reality, from concept to cashflow.  We work through all stages of the development process with you and help you find the best designers and toolmakers so we get to run the best moulds in the world.

Direct distribution to your customers

The majority of our customers are obtained through word of mouth referrals. As custom injection moulders, we understand how important it is to be a seamless part of your operation.  That's why our customers trust us ship direct from factory to end user, saving time and money.


Short lead times, custom pricing, low setup costs, short run capabilities and free warehousing of your products are all part of the Moreton Corporation service.

Quality control

All machinery is operated by the most senior technician, with a three-stage quality assurance process in place:

  1. A visual inspection is performed by our trained staff on every part that is made the moment it comes out of our machine to identify any rejects.

  2. The parts are then randomly inspected once again by our personnel at the machine every hour.

  3. Finally, the acceptable parts are counted, boxed labeled, before being randomly inspected again and weighed to verify the carton count.

Low overheads mean better prices

Moreton Corporation is a family owned business.  We keep our overheads low and pass these savings onto our customers. 

Moreton Corporation is a plastic injection moulding company well known as specialists in PVC, recognised as one of the hardest materials to perfect.  By taking on the toughest sector first, we find all other moulding is easy. 

PVC, ABS, Polypropylene, HDPE, combination polymers

We help you determine the best material for your product and run all grades of plastic.

Working with Moreton Corporation, you will find simple and effective solutions, from a company that is easy to deal with and focused on making your life easier. 


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